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Purchasing a villa at PUUR Exloo

Purchasing a villa at PUUR Exloo

The new level of park recreation in the Netherlands guarantees a wonderful holiday but possibly also a valuable, but above all, stable investment opportunity. Family resort PUUR Exloo offers you various options to enjoy your own villa.

Interested in investing in your own recreation villa at family resort PUUR Exloo? That’s possible!

For more information we refer you to www.puurexloo.nl or you can directly contact the project developer: Kontour Vastgoed BV by telephone on number + 31- (0) 513-745016. 

At the resort you have the option to opt for a carefree investment, in other words; you receive a guaranteed return of 5%. If plan on using your villa regularly, you can opt for a variable return. The variable return option is based on the occupancy rate minus the costs. It is also possible to purchase a villa solely for personal use, however, you can not permanently reside at the resort.

What make family resort PUUR Exloo unique?

The combination of a pure experience, special location, luxury holiday villas of high-quality and a unique rental & management formula elevates this exclusive family resort to the new level in park recreation in the Netherlands. A level that guarantees a wonderful holiday experience, yet also offers a valuable and stable investment opportunity.

The unrivaled class of the villas can be recognized by the use of high-quality materials and details on both the inside and outside. The villa are built from sustainable and low-maintenance materials. Beautifully thatched roofs and robust larch wooden trusses give the villas an authentic look.

All villas are equipped with a sauna.